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Trevor Watson - Warrior of the Year 2018-2019

Tell us a bit about yourself...


I am a Montana native, but over the years I have slowly drifted further West.  I spent the more memorable part of my childhood with my grandfather in Red Lodge, Montana. He provided horse-drawn wagon rides to tourists heading for Yellowstone National Park. He taught me the value of hard work and was a positive role model in my life.  I quickly fell in love with the slower pace of driving teams of horses and hearing the sound of hooves hit the pavement.

I met my wife Jenny in middle school and we have been together ever since. We both attended Montana State University where we got our Bachelor’s Degrees.  She went on to Washington State University for her degree in Veterinary Medicine, while I returned home to eastern Montana. I later attended the University of Idaho for my Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences.

Jenny and I got married and moved to the Boise area after finishing school where she practiced at a mixed animal veterinary clinic.  While in the Boise area, I worked for the Bureau of Reclamation, and then later accepted a job with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  After a promotion with ODFW, Jenny and I moved to Klamath Falls in October of 2017 and have been here ever since. 

Fitness journey...


I have always tried to stay active.  In high school, I played sports and lifted weights.  In college, I enjoyed intramural games and continued typical gym activities; however, this was always without formal direction and my interest didn’t last long.

Jenny and I, while living in the Boise area, would go on runs and picked up a membership for the local 24 hour fitness club.  With running, my time was limited. My feet hurt, boredom set in, and I had a hard time staying motivated.  We both were longing for something that continued to pique our interest… and that is when we found CrossFit! Four Rivers Crossfit in Fruitland is where we started our journey, and we are forever grateful for the friendships we made.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has been a game changer, and my only regret is not finding it sooner.  Jenny and I lived in the Boise area for nearly six years when we found CrossFit, and until then, we had a handful of friends but no real sense of community.  That all changed the day we started CrossFit. All of a sudden we were fully immersed into a community of like-minded, strong, youthful, amazing people.  It gave us goals; it gave us community; and most importantly it gave us back our health.  CrossFit has given us the freedom to do whatever we want without fear of not being physically capable.  When we left Idaho, the biggest thing we left behind were the friends we had made at our gym.  It is crazy how a little sweat and suffering (in a good way) can be so bonding. 


My goal is to do CrossFit as long as I can…and handstand walk the length of the gym.  I recently passed my CrossFit Level 1 training, so I am excited to start coaching in the future! I have so much to learn and am excited to continue my fitness journey

Advice to others


Start today!  You don’t need to get in shape to start CrossFit, as being there and putting in the work will do that for you. We all do it at our own pace and our own level, and that is the beauty of it.  There is a modification for any age or level of fitness. 

Why Crossfit Hogback?

Jenny and I moved to Klamath Falls two years ago and like I said before, we left our old gym and community. We were desperate to find what we left behind there. We tried another gym but it wasn’t the format that we were accustomed to and provided little direction and guidance.  When I heard AJ’s plans to start CrossFit Hogback, I knew we had to be a part of it.  It has been awesome.  Crossfit Hogback has come so far in just a year and I can’t wait to see where it will go in the future.   

What has it meant to me to be a part of the Hogback Family?

Again, CrossFit is about community and the people.  I have met so many great people and enjoy seeing them daily. It is awesome to see such a diverse group of people come together for a common goal to better oneself and celebrate in each other’s goals and victories. This is our community and our family. We are Crossfit Hogback and Hogback Strong!